Friday, April 13, 2012

As a tester learn to learn before you learn to teach.

This blog post is about how you could learn about a product or rather a project before you are confident of making a fresh mind understand the aspects of what you will be working or have worked upon.

Once you are into any project, its either your project lead/ team lead does the honor of making you understand what the product/project is about. Yes, I understand the frustration few would have gone through while getting trained in a class room based training for days together & sometimes months together. It would be quick run of a slideshow or a senior most person blabbering about only achievements that they have made in the project. And hence trying to put on the onus on the young minds as if a war is about be fought with situation being - "Crititcal critical critical....." until the project halts. I myself have undergone such situations in organisations that I had worked earlier, that those words (critical...) being used atleast thrice daily throughout the year.
  • Below is the extract of what I & Yagnesh have prepared after being inspired by Dhanasekar on using the mindmap tool.
  • The view of this can ascertain the level of understanding one has before starting the project.
  • This mindmap covers most of the aspects that one has to learn about the project before anyone steps into it.
  • This can be used even as a training material for any fresh mind coming into the project. 
  • This shall also tell us about the aspects that are missed which can be covered to test the product better.
  • This could well be expanded into more minute details based on contexts.


  1. Hi Sunil,

    Nie post. Making mind-maps like this definitely aids us to clear our own picture about the product & help us do better in the future. Also, as Dhanasekar always says, Mind-map is a tool which picturize the map of our mind. So, mind-map tool can definitely assist us in expanding the above mind-map much more deeply by making separate sheets on few tasks like "projects" & linking those sheets to the main sheet internally in the tool :P

    I enjoyed reading the post. Keep it up :)


  2. Very nice post and mind map - We would love to see it added to the free mind map library at where there are loads of maps available to view and download.
    There is also a dedicated group for software testers on the site which you may also find interesting, and you can find that here:

    Best wishes
    Liam Hughes
    Founder: Biggerplate