Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pre-thoughts of BBST 'two'dot'O'

It had been a while since I had planned to take up this course. Having heard, read, and met people who had done this course the eagerness to learn and attend this was way too high. The wait period of 2 months i.e from the time of registering to the actual start time of the course was like an year passed by.

The very reason I wanted to join this course is that it offers a chance to interact with like minded people around the globe and share your ideas & thoughts with them. And it surely has given me this opportunity even before 4 days of the scheduled start date.

BBST 2.0 Foundation course has been designed in such way that we will be learning about testing as well as improving the academic skills. Academic skills in this context refers to online collaboration, effective communication, better peer reviews and many other aspects which will help us to work smartly using different sources of information.
Under learning about testing we shall be made familiar with 5 different challenges, that being:
  • Information objectives drive the testing mission and strategy
  • Oracles are heuristic
  • Coverage is multidimensional
  • Complete testing is impossible
  • Measurement is important, but hard

One of the testimonial at says "Without question, the BBST Foundations 2.0 class is one of the most challenging Foundations level classes in software testing you will take..". Now, how challenging it would that be for me is something that I need to wait and watch. Having Michael Larsen as the instructor for our batch is something amazing by itself.

This being my first stint in an online course, I am really looking forward for a great time ahead.