Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Add-on's as a boon to testers

Process, Planning, costly automation tools what else and what not are we guided with to help us test better. Today let us see a world beyond this, which we could utilize and test much better with 'zero' investment over the tools/utilities and i.e with Browser Add-on's.
Browser add-on's are typically designed for the reason to control the browser experience of a user.
All the browsers offer a wide variety of add-on's. It would be really interesting to know the benefits of using them once you explore and learn about what they have to offer.
I have tried to explore and was successful to unearth few which were really cool and could help in a great extent to any tester. I would like to share a few with the advantages of using them:

1. Websecurify: This add-on is available with most of the browsers.
When security is the quality criteria that you are testing on any website, this add-on could be the most useful one. The add-on helps in identifying different types of vulnerabilities, how they could be used by hackers & recommended solutions for the same with a detailed report.

2.HTTP resource test: This will help us in checking the HTTP resources via different methods ie with GET/PUT/POST. It will show us the server response based on the submit method.

We should probably work on such add-on's to see the enormity of the information it has to give. Given a thought about I am sure you will try checking many other add-on's and share it with the rest of testing community.

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  1. Good one Sunil :)

    @Readers, If you found the above ones interesting then how about much more of it? Go to http://moolya.com/blog/2011/03/04/addon-mindmap-for-testers-from-moolya/ to find web browser add-on(s) which could be of help to you in your testing activity.

    Happy add-on`ing :)